Gift Cards

Who are the ideal recipients for Revival gift cards?

Give the gift of flexible self-care with a gift card from Revival. Scented candles are so generic, but our gift card empowers the recipient to choose which treatment they get and when they do it. These are great presents for:

  • The busy woman who needs to pamper herself, but doesn’t think it’s a priority
  • The new mom who just stopped breastfeeding and wants to feel like herself again
  • The school teacher who works tirelessly and wants to get rid of the frown lines your kid caused
  • The close girlfriend who is going through a divorce and needs the confidence to jump back into the dating pool
  • The mother of your children who is looking a little more haggard these days from all she sacrifices for your family
  • The college grad who wants to prevent wrinkles before her entry level job causes them
  • The teenage babysitter whose hormonal acne could use a little TLC with a skincare consultation and facial
  • The couch potato spouse who wants to tone their abdominal muscles but hates exercising
  • The aunt or best friend who has a wonderfully infectious laugh, but pees a little when she giggles
  • The postpartum mama who wants to get her libido fired up again and rekindle intimacy with her partner
  • The blushing bride who wants to look as beautiful as possible for her upcoming big day
  • The special Valentine who should glow on the outside as well as within
  • The coworker whose years of slathering on baby oil poolside has caught up to her right before her 25th anniversary party
  • The significant other departing soon for a beach vacation and needs to look a little less like Chewbacca

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Gift Cards