Beauty & Facial Treatments


An excellent way to treat and nourish the skin with now downtime, our facial treatments are a wonderful way to maintain the health of the skin to prevent environmental aggressors and dehydration from wreaking havoc on our first line of defense. Treat the skin the way you would anything else that requires maintenance and care. You are worth it. Pamper yourself.

Holistic Facial

Our holistic facials incorporate plenty of pampering while still focusing on result-oriented treatments. We include circulation-stimulating massage to increase nourishment in the skin and improve laxity; steam to help the skin absorb appropriate products such as enzymes and exfoliating treatments as well as hydrating and nutrient-dense masks; and focus on extractions to deep cleanse the skin and reduce pore size…. All the while incorporating aromatherapy, soothing and therapeutic arm, hand, neck, shoulder, back and scalp massage… to bring you into a meditative state of relaxation that enables your skin to become receptive to all of the nourishing products we tailor to suit your specific skin needs. Let us nourish and pamper you at Revival.

Medical Grade Facial

What is DiamondGlow?

Formerly known as DermalInfusion or SilkPeel, DiamondGlow is a rejuvenating facial treatment that combines three key steps that exfoliates the skin’s surface, extracts impurities from pores, and infuses the skin with a targeted serum. The treatment’s innovation is that all three steps are performed simultaneously. Infusing the skin at the time of exfoliation and extraction allows the serum’s active ingredients to go deeper, making them more effective.

The facial can be customized for your specific concerns, including hyperpigmentation, congestion, dryness, oiliness, uneven texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also possible to have the treatment performed on your body to improve conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, and keratosis pilaris or KP (a bumpy skin condition typically found on the face and backs of arms.)

It’s recommended to receive a series of four to six treatments, scheduled every other week, for best results, and to maintain treatment once a month for extended long-term maintenance and prevention in aging.

What are the benefits of DiamondGlow?

This relaxing and painless treatment takes only about 30 minutes, and is a great lunch time pick-me-up and fabulous before an event to make the skin look radiant.You should see an immediate glow, luminosity and plumpness to the skin, and can increase skin volume by up to 70% with regular treatment. The DiamondGlow facial is suitable for all skin types and tones because it’s customizable. We will select a gentler or coarser exfoliating tip, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, and use serums appropriate for you skin type and skin concerns. DiamondGlow treatment can treat or prevent acne depending on the condition.

Diamond Glow, formerly known as Silk Peel and Dermal Infusion, offers an unparalleled facial treatment experience. While HydraFacial is a well-known competitor, Diamond Glow sets itself apart with its patented 3-in-1 technology. This advanced treatment simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with nourishing serums, providing a deeper and more comprehensive rejuvenation than HydraFacial.
At Revival, we believe in offering the best, which is why we recommend Diamond Glow over HydraFacial. The unique combination of exfoliation, extraction, and serum infusion in a single treatment leaves your skin looking radiant and revitalized.


This treatment helps to gently remove dull surface dead skin cells while simultaneously removing the vellus (aka peach fuzz) hairs from the skin to reveal a more radiant and smooth complexion. It aims to improve the appearance of fine lines and assists in flawless makeup application. Your skin is exposed daily to harsh environmental toxins, irritants, and sun damage. This can cause the top layer of your skin to appear dull and aged.

Dermaplaning helps to clear away those damaged skin cells to reveal newer, more youthful skin.This comfortable treatment offers no downtime and is perfect before an event and is enhanced and offers best results when complemented with chemical peels, mild AHA add-ons and Dermal Infusion.

Give your skin a radiant glow and help increase cell-turnover from the inside-out. Treatments are usually repeated 3-4 weeks apart.

Chemical Peels


Professional Peel Systems featuring a unique Enerpeel® technology for enhanced penetration for deeper results with minimal irritation. The peel solution penetrates more homogeneously through skin layers, reducing surface trauma, enhancing efficacy and minimizing irritation. Each peel is packed with powerful acids to penetrate the skin for consistent, reliable exfoliation and long-lasting, visible results, any time of the year.

Performed by our licensed skincare professionals, chemical peels are essential in sustaining and restoring skin health. Each procedure is non-invasive and formulated with active chemical exfoliants that help restore skin surface and appearance. Peels effectively speed up the process of cellular turnover by shedding the top layer of dead surface cells, revealing brighter, smoother and renewed skin underneath.

Our Chemical peels are available in a range of intensities with different active ingredients to target various skin concerns – fine lines and wrinkles, acne prone, hyper pigmented or uneven skin as they help build collagen and resurface the skin. All procedures are completed in under 20 minutes, consisting of one or more layers for 3-5 minutes each, depending on the type of chemical peel used, patient skin type and skin’s reaction to the treatment. Let us find the right peel for you.

PRX-TR33 is a breakthrough skincare treatment designed to rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s health.

This innovative procedure combines a unique blend of ingredients, including trichloroacetic acid (TCA), hydrogen peroxide, and kojic acid, to effectively address a variety of skincare concerns.

PRX-T33 Derm Perfexion revitalizes the skin by stimulating collagen production and improving overall texture. It minimizes wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, and acne scars, promoting a more youthful appearance while enhancing firmness, elasticity, and skin radiance. This treatment can be used on any area of the body including the delicate skin in the vaginal area for tightening and improvement in laxity. For optimal results, a series of 4 treatments once a week is recommended. With minimal downtime and discomfort, PRX-T33 is suitable for all skin types including tanned skin and recent sun exposure , making it an ideal choice at any time of year, including summer.

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